Important Update:


In wake of the 2020 pandemic, The Delta will move to a completely online format. All our e-journals will be available on our website under the "Delta Online" tab. New volumes will be available yearly sometime in April/May.


*Authors submitting to us automatically agree to have their works published in an online format. 



To qualify, you must be an LSU undergraduate. Submissions are open to undergraduates of all majors. Submit either Microsoft Word Documents or PDFs. If your submission is over the file amount in the submission box below, email it to us at You can also submit pieces in multiple artistic categories. For example, you can submit poetry, screenwriting, prose, and visual art--all at once.

Important: As we only accept BLIND SUBMISSIONS, if any names or personal information appear on the work(s) you submit, you will be immediately rejected.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in an automatic rejection.


Your prose submission must be max 7,000 words. You have the option to submit two prose pieces; however, the total word count for both must be under 7,000 words. For example, if one piece is 3,000 words, then the other must be under 4,000 words. The kinds of prose genres we accept are short stories, jokes, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction. One selected prose/screenplay will be awarded $100.


You may submit multiple pieces. No more than five pages in total. Two poems cannot be on the same page. For example, if one poem takes a quarter of a page, the following poem must start on a brand new page. We're also open to handwritten poetry only if handwritten words are important to the artistic statement of the piece. One selected poem will be awarded $100.

Note: a haiku (no more than 3 lines) counts as one poem. A collection of haikus will not be considered one poem.


Submitted screenplays are max 10 pages. One selected prose/screenplay will be awarded $100.


We accept digital art, including photography, comics, cartoons, manga, photos of 3-dimensional art such as sculptures, painting, drawings, and more. One piece will be selected to be featured on The Delta's cover. All other selected pieces will be inside the journal. Artists may submit maximum 3 different pieces. 1535 x 1024 pixels minimum for digital art submissions. Any file types are fine. If we have a problem viewing them, we will contact you.

Note: all art must be emailed to us at If you fail to email us your artworks, you will immediately be disqualified!

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