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Nona Oldner              Jolie Gilbert
Assistant Editor-in-Chief
Emily Wiewiorowski
Poetry Editors                      
Antawn Amos
Kiana Naquin
Assistant Poetry Editors
To be announced
Prose/Nonfiction Editors
Rachel Mipro
Alden Ceasar
Assistant Prose/Nonfiction Editors
To be announced
Fiction Editors
Rebecca Perrette
Aaron Jackson
Assistant Fiction Editors
To be announced
Art/Layout Editors
Nona Oldner
Assistant Art/Layout Editors
To be announced
Fiction Staff: Rachel Schuette, Kimsey Stewart, Logan Fontenot, Dominique Riley,Will Adams, Lydia Weaver, Victoria Louis, Alexis Boyajian, Gwen Mahon, Grace Pulliam, Alden Ceasar
Poetry Staff: Evan Leonhard, Kimsey Stewart, Alexis Boyajian, Jazmyne Smith, Kalvin Marquiz, Kat Audiffred, Khoi Truong, Ray Magruder
Nonfiction/Prose Staff: Kiana Naquin, Antawn Amos, Logan Fontenot, Taylor Creighbaum, Victoria Louis
Art/Layout Staff: Dominique Riley, Stella Burke, Alexis Boyajian
Screenwriting Staff: Dominique Riley, Stella Burke, Alexis Boyajian
Outreach Staff: Nona Oldner, Rachael Schuette
Fundraising Staff: Nona Oldner, Rachael Schuette, Molly Owens


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